It takes a lot to change policing

It takes a lot to change policing in Chicago. To arrive here — at the precipice of the first-ever District Council elections — it has taken 50 years of organizing, thousands of leaders, and a hard-fought battle in City Council  —where the people went toe-to-toe against the mayor and won.

With ECPS, Chicagoans finally have a meaningful say in how the police department interacts with the rest of us. We will now hold the power to shape police policy, hold CPD accountable for misconduct and violence, and expand non-carceral solutions to public safety.

But this is just the beginning. The next milestone in our long journey to change policing arrives this Tuesday, when we elect three District Council members in each of the city’s 22 police districts. Will you participate in this historic election by signing up for a phone-banking or canvassing shift?

We don’t need just anyone to fill these important District Council positions. We need community leaders who have a holistic vision for public safety. Leaders who are willing to hold CPD accountable. Leaders who were part of the fight to pass ECPS and will be part of the fight in the future.

That’s why JCUA Votes is working hard these last few days before February 28 to elect the District Council slates in the 19th20th, and 24th districts!

19th Together — Maurilio Garcia, Jenny Schaffer, Sam Schoenburg —will modernize approaches to safety, improve transparency and accountability, and elevate community voice. Punch 73, 74, 75!

Our 20th District — Darrell Dacres, Deirdre O’Connor, Anna Rubin — will build a Chicago where every resident is safe, feels safe, and can access the services and professionals they need to thrive. Punch 72, 73, 74!

Uniting 24 — Veronica Arreola, EdVetté Jones, Marilyn Pagan-Banks — is committed to community-based public safety, restorative justice, and a grassroots approach to making safer neighborhoods. Punch 72, 73, 74!

Our endorsed candidates demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their communities and possess a dynamic range of skills and experiences — from law to violence prevention to community organizing. They represent our best chance to realize the full potential of ECPS and create a safer and more equitable Chicago for all.

But they need our support to make it happenThat’s why we are inviting you to join us in phone banking or canvassing for our endorsed candidates leading up to the election on February 28th.

Together, we can create meaningful change and shape the future of our city. Join us in supporting our endorsed District Council candidates and take the next step towards a safer Chicago.

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