When we organize, we win! 

We did it, ya’ll — we made it through our first-ever Election Day in Chicago as JCUA Votes! Last night, after months of organizing, we saw the fruits of our hard work, as JCUA Votes candidates for alderperson and District Councils won huge victories across the city! But our work is not over. We’ve got five…

Why we’re launching a political arm

Last month, JCUA members voted overwhelmingly in favor of creating a 501(c)4 — a sibling organization that would equip us with the tools to hold elected officials accountable and support leaders who share our vision for the world. As we prepare to launch, we’re pleased to announce that JCUA members Benetta Mansfield (she/her) and Andie…

Introducing JCUA Votes!

We’re pleased to welcome the new year with some exciting announcements about JCUA’s new 501(c)4 — our sibling political organization that will equip us with tools to hold our elected officials accountable and co-govern with leaders who share our vision of the world.

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